Brim Isielinthir (Dead)



Rogue (Mastermind) 5 / Wizard (Bladesinger) 1

46 +3 30ft 21*
AC Status
13 unarmored
14 wearing leather armor
16 under effect of mage armor

Ability Scores:

-1 +3 +2 +3 +0 +0

Saving Throws:

-1 +6 +2 +6 +0 +0

Attacks & Spellcasting:

Brim is a trained fighter, but did not get an early chance to pursue any instruction in magic. It seems that he has a natural (perhaps genetic) aptitude for spellcasting. As an apprentice to the arts of magic, however, he is finding it difficult to wield his newly discovered power. When he casts spells, he unconsciously conjures up images of his sister Luna. For example, when casting Chill Touch, the undead skeletal hand which strikes its target with the chill of the grave appears to be his dead sister’s hand.

He has recently received his father’s Moonblade..

  • Moonblade: +7 to hit; 1d10 +4 slashing damage; versatile finesse weapon (sentient)
  • Rapier: +6 to hit; 1d8 +3 piercing damage; finesse weapon
  • Shortbow: +6 to hit; 1d6 +3 piercing damage; 80/320ft. range
  • Daggers: +6 to hit; 1d4 +3 piercing damage; 20/60ft. range
  • Sneak Attack: activates once per turn on finesse or ranged attack with advantage, or if an ally flanks the target and you don’t have disadvantage on the attack roll; extra 3d6 damage
  • Chill Touch: +6 to hit, spell attack roll, 2d8 necrotic damage, target cannot regain hit points until the start of your next turn, undead target has disadvantage on attack rolls until next turn

Skill Proficiencies:

Acrobatics +6, Deception +6, Investigation +6, Perception +6, Persuasion +3, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +6

Combat Proficiencies:

Light armor, simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, shortswords, rapiers, shortbows, longbows

Tool and Musical Proficiencies:

Thieves’ tools, disguise kit, forgery kit, three-dragon ante (card set), accordion; wistfully plays his sister’s horn and yarting


Speaks, reads, and writes Elvish, Chondathan, Common, Primordial, Draconic, and Thayan

Moon Elf Abilities:

  • Darkvision: Can see out to 60 ft. in dim light or darkness
  • Trance: Gains same benefit from 4 hours of inactivity that a human receives from 8 hours of rest
  • Fey Ancestry: Advantage on saving throws against being charmed; can’t be put to sleep with magical means
  • Teu’Tel’Quessir Blood: Knows the Message cantrip

Rogue Abilities:

  • Thieves’ Cant: Speaks a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that takes quadruple the time that an ordinary conversation does
  • Cunning Action: Can Dash, Disengage, or Hide as bonus action
  • Uncanny Dodge: Use reaction, halve damage taken by attack
  • Master of Tactics: Can use Help as a bonus action; when Help action aids an ally in attacking a creature, that ally can be within 30 feet, rather than 5 feet, if they can see or hear him
  • Master of Intrigue: Can unerringly mimic speech patterns and accent of a creature that he has heard speak for at least 1 minute, allowing him to pass himself off as a native speaker of a particular land, provided that he knows the language


  • Component Focus: Vest that has 100 tiny, meticulously organized pockets. Right now it contains his smuggler’s tools (a few ball bearings, 10ft. of string, a tiny bell, a small file, a set of lock picks, a small mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, and a pair of pliers) as well as what he’s collected so far of his spellcasting components (a short piece of copper wire, a hippogriff feather and an owl feather, a piece of cured leather, a bit of fleece, and a vial of holy water). He still needs a pearl (worth 100gp) and a small jar containing a pinch of soot and salt.
  • Arcane Recovery: Recovers one first-level spell slot per short rest.


Chill Touch
Minor Illusion

First-Level Spells

Comprehend Languages (ritual)
Disguise Self
Feather Fall
Identify (ritual)
Mage Armor
Protection from Evil and Good


Brim Isielinthir was raised in the city of Waterdeep. His parents (Balarathorn Isielinthir and Mirwen Elereme) were a happy family as far as he remembers, but when Brim was young, his father became estranged from his family, for reasons unknown to them, and eventually disappeared. After Brim reached an appropriate age to survive on his own, his mother Mirwen went on a pilgrimage to the god of Sune, in the High Forest. There, Mirwen met a traveling sailor, a human, whom she fell in love with, and there Mirwen gave birth to Brim’s sister, Luna. Brim showed signs of an unparalleled intellect at a young age, and discovered from the Harpers that, if he were to work with them, he would eventually find out details about his sister, and potentially his father as well. The Harpers, a faction who seek to promote goodness and prosperity through pacts of secrecy, were effectively able to lead Brim to his sister after he performed several of their missions. They had learned about her when she expressed interest in joining, a thought which gave Brim great hope. Brim, seeking Luna out, discovered her and her father in a Neverwinter tavern, and persuaded her father to let Brim take her along on his adventures, promising he would take care of her forever. Once reunited, members of the Harpers encouraged the two to form an adventuring unit, and they had moderate success turning in bandits and other lowlifes. The Harpers receive dossiers from Brim, and a number of investigators like him, concerning facts which can only be obtained from within the ranks of opposing factions—facts gleaned by means of infiltration and deceit. The Harpers and Brim maintain loose connections with each other, for the Harpers are publicly perceived as a force of good, and don’t want to make known that they infiltrate the Zhentarim and other parties. Brim is equally adamant regarding the secret nature of his missions; he keeps his cards pretty close to his vest (along with his daggers, disguises, thief’s menagerie of equipment, and spell components—it does have one hundred pockets, after all). Brim feels himself to be ‘above’ the law, and may hold little remorse for his own actions, but fundamentally, he is good; he cares above all for the people that are close to him.

When he is most at ease, Brim is a cunning Elven rogue who likes playing music, games of three-dragon ante, and carousing. He has not been much at ease recently, for he recently lost his sister, Luna, after only weeks of being united with her. He is obsessive in his pursuit of the Elemental Cult which adbucted and asphyxiated her—the cult of the archomental Olhydra—and yet, he is always feeling himself to be the one most accountable for her loss.

  • Trait: ‘I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.’
  • Ideal: ‘Charity. I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost.’
  • Bond: ‘Someone I loved died because of my mistakes. I will ensure that it never happens again.’
  • Flaw: ‘Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.’

Balarathion Isielinthir of the Moonstars, Brim’s father

Mirwen Elereme of Waterdeep, Brim and Luna’s mother

Brim Isielinthir (Dead)

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