Adventure Hooks

Choose two unless you belong to a faction. IF you belong to a faction, you may choose a third.

Best Served Cold
For some reason, you have sworn vengeance on the half-moon elf minstrel Windharrow. Whether he stole away a loved one, inspired a friend to a doomed life of adventure and death, or seduced someone into his personality cult for his mistress, he has negatively and violently up-heaved your life. You shall have your vengeance.

Dangerous Information
It’s a race against time— in a seedy Waterdeep or Neverwinter tavern, you overheard a suspicious band of ne’er-do-wells whispering of violent plans. You know that they plan an ambush point on the trail between Redlarch and Ironford Bridge. You also overheard secrets of their leader, supposedly a vicious bandit by the name of ‘Grimjaw’.

Dangerous Secret
You have been assigned by your faction, or sheer curiosity, to investigate the relatively new and unheard of Circle of the Scarlet Moon. You know that they plan on lighting up a giant wicker statue, with the intent of "burning out the wicked spirits that permeate the area.

Dark Omens
The signs and portents are clear: nature is out of balance. Terrible disaster is drawing closer with every passing day. To restore the balance of nature, the you must destroy the four elemental nodes, terrible locations hidden somewhere in the Dessarin Vallley.

Defeat the Skyriders
Vicious raiders mounted on hippogriffs have laid waste to several small hamlets and merchant caravans, and the character has sworn to stop them. You must defeat the Feathergale Knights, bullies and brigands who claim noble bearings. You think that obtaining a flying mount would even the odds a little.

Feathergale Rebel
You has been sent to retrieve a Waterdhavian noblewoman. Savra Belabranta is
the estranged daughter of an affluent noble family. She has joined a group known as the Feathergale Knights, and has left her families holdings to live with the group in Dessarin Valley. You are tasked with breaking up this organization, and peacefully talking Savra into returning home.

The Fugitive
You are on the trail of a ruthless murderer, Bastian Thermandar. Know as an arsonist who burns his victims to death, he has fled to the Dessarin Valley, where your trail currently leads you. You must bring him to justice.

Hired Hand
Homesteaders who were kind to itinerant workers are now missing. You have been tasked to have revenge and to rescue any survivors. Two such farmers, who likely may still live, are Bero Gladham and Nerise Gladham. Black feathers were rumored to be scattered around the destroyed farms.

Madman at Haunted Keep
Informants from your organization have shared information that Riverguard Keep has fallen to bandits and pirates. A vicious brute, named Grimjaw, seems to hold the place in fear and violent terror. Defeating him would certainly go a long way to securing the safety of the Dessarin Valley.

The Mud Sorcerer
Months ago, you were robbed by a genasi who killed several innocent bystanders. Now it’s time to find Miraj Vizann and make him pay. A flamboyant sorcerer, who claims elemental affinity with water and earth, he gloated about the power of an elemental cult, and taunted you to die in the Dessarin Valley when you threatened revenge.

Ominous Dream
You have seen a terrifying medusa, identified as Marlos Urnrayle, in dreams and knows that he is a dangerous villain who must be stopped. Your dreams showed you a hidden vault deep in the earth, a great gem with pure magic gleaming from it’s many facets.

Recover Your Sword
Thugs wearing shark jaws and wielding crude shields made from turtle shells broke into the workshop where you apprenticed, murdered the master smith, and stole the beautiful sword she’d made. In order to bring justice, you have vowed to cut those thugs down to size, preferably with your stolen property. They fled in the direction of the direction of the Dessarin River.

Rescue Your People
Raiders from a strange fire cult have abducted people that you had felt responsible for protecting. They must be rescued at any cost. You found notes on one of the slain cultists that point to the Dessarin Valley as the location where the captives are held.

Seeking Revenge
Fire cultists torched the character’s home or razed a defenseless village. The character is sworn to stop them. News of further conflagrations have been spreading like wildfire across the Dessarin Valley, with little proof other than the charred remains of farmers amid the burnt husks of the former homesteads.

Settle a Score
Marauders in stony armor robbed your friends or family and left them for dead. Now it’s time to even the score. You have heard rumors that these figures have been spotted around Redlarch, and your trail takes you there.

Shatterkeel’s Trail
Months ago, Gar Shatterkeel destroyed the your ship by conjuring a powerful storm. Dozens of sailors died, and now the character intends revenge. Hunting him down has proven difficult, but you have heard he hides somewhere along the shores of the Dessarin River.

Standing Offer
Months ago, the you served as a guide for a band of mysterious pilgrims who set out to reoccupy the Sacred Stone Monastery. The your mission is to infiltrate the group and discover their intentions. Perhaps you can discover hidden knowledge they sought in the library of the temple.

Strange Map
An ancient map has come into the your possession, showing the location of a forgotten dwarf stronghold beneath the Sumber Hills. You have been told by rogues and sages alike that the map either leads to certain treasure… or doom.

Suspicious Fellow
The you becomes suspicious of Thurl Merosska, a knight of the Feathergale Society, and have decided to investigate. His actions in Waterdeep have drastically changed with his new allegiance, and his politics have been solely devoted to the profit of his new club.

You have been tasked by your faction to break up a smuggling and piracy ring on the Dessarin River headquartered at Rivergard Keep. Countless traders have been accosted, and quite a few have lost their lives. Only with your intervention can safety be found on the peaceful waterways of the Dessarin Valley.

Walked Away
The character was briefly recruited as a sellsword and mercenary by the strange fire cultists but never took up arms with them. Now the character wants to stop the villains before they give all mercenaries a bad name. The honor of common skullduggery is at stake!

Adventure Hooks

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