Thelorn's Safe Journeys

Custom wagons and guaranteed craftsmanship.


Three huge sheds stand here in a triangle, surrounded by sturdy wooden wagons at all stages of assembly. The first is a workshop full of busy woodworkers, the second is a storage area for parts such as wheels and axles, and the third houses a dozen finished wagons for sale. The foremost wagonmaker in this region, Thelorn’s is now run by two grandsons of the founder. It is a busy, always bustling place that works day and night (three shifts of workers) because making wagons of top quality takes time. The quality of Thelorn’s wagons is well known throughout the region, with the result that workers here have to toil flat-out to keep up Thelorn’s long-decreed “dozen spare wagons in stock, ready to go.”

No one here is interested in gossiping during shift time. There is a no-nonsense, pride-in-craft atmosphere, and many of the workers are experts who can do topnotch work with astonishing speed. Watchful children armed with skillets to bang as alarms guard the sheds every moment of the clock.


Thelorn's Safe Journeys

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