Pandarox Lockheart (Dead)


Hired Hand :
Homesteaders who were kind to itinerant workers are now missing. You have been tasked to have revenge and to rescue any survivors. Two such farmers, who likely may still live, are Bero Gladham and Nerise Gladham. Black feathers were rumored to be scattered around the destroyed farms.

Rescue Your People
Raiders from a strange fire cult have abducted people that you had felt responsible for protecting. They must be rescued at any cost. You found notes on one of the slain cultists that point to the Dessarin Valley as the location where the captives are held.


Seeking revenge: Panda spent many years working in a secluded library in the Kryptgarden Forest. They sages there study a lot of things but they mostly focus on keeping a index of monstrous creatures and extra dimensional reports. This is how panda learned much of her knowledge including the ability to speak Primordial. They would sometimes send apprentices out to investigate rumors of dimensional rifts or of rare beasts. One day when Panda was returning from one of these trips she spotted smoke coming from the forest hurrying to the source she found the library burned to the ground. While she was searching through the ashes she found one of her fellow sages half dead and trapped under part of the library. He told her of how cultists wielding strong fire magic swept through reducing the building to the condition it is now. She seeks payment for the knowledge lost that day. She seeks it through the death of the cult that took it away

Lvl 0 Shocking grasp, Firebolt, Mending,
Lvl 1 Detect magic, Find familiar, tensers floating disc, Magic Missile, Alarm, Charm Person, Witchbolt, Identify
Lvl 2 Flaming Sphere, Invisibility

Seer the Pup: Adorable > Annoying

Notes on Aarakocra: They speak a odd version of primordial. Bright purple feathers , From the elemental plane of air, Hate closed spaces, 123-5960-BLK-L01.png
Danger level = ?
Agression = Low
Unusual characteristics = Wings, Feathers, Resemble large humanoid birds.
Tips to survive= Speak primordial it seems to be a language worthy of respect. Do not attack if they are not attacking you

Notes on Unicorn: Bright gold mane, Only visible to women, Creature of pure good, Can cast a blessing on those it deems worthy, Can be turned into a nightmare, Horns filled with magic. Cry diamonds, unicorn_sketch_by_horseswithmoustaches-d4yjcww.jpg
Danger level = Medium
Agression = Varies
Unusual characteristics = Gold hair, Horn,

Notes on Earth Cult: Speak another version of primordial. Seen with stone masks. Armor crafted from stone, Trying to summon the elemental evil prince ogremoth Duke of stone.Screen_Shot_2015-10-16_at_2.17.16_AM.png They’re symbol is a triangle with a line half through the middle
Danger level = medium
Agression = High
Unusual characteristics = Stone armor, Powerful earth magic
Tips to survive = ?

Notes on Modron

Pandarox Lockheart (Dead)

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