Orna Butchery

The local butcher, specializing in beef and venison.


Next door to Drouth’s Fine Poultry stand four identical single-story stone buildings, running back from the street in a line. The front building has a painted sign of a ham being carved by a cleaver, accompanied by no words. This is the workplace and shop of Jalessa Ornra, Red Larch’s butcher. The second building is her smokehouse, joined to the shop by an underground cold-cellar where meats are stored. The third building often has wash hanging by clothesline outside, and is the home Jalessa shares with the town’s constable, Harburk Tuthmarillar.

Red Larch doesn’t have a jail or court. The shop is the closest thing. Harburk employs four trusties, who bunk in the fourth building. The trusties are assistant constables who also work for Jalessa as cutters and preservers, brining and salting meat, then sealing it into small kegs for shipment or storage.

Harburk and his trusties discuss matters of law enforcement and peacekeeping while butchering. They’ve also been known to hang drunks by their belts from meat hooks to sober up.


Orna Butchery

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