Mhandyvvers's Poultry

A quaint poultry business that deals locally.


This wooden building grew haphazardly for many years, shooting out single-story wings and annexes untidily in all directions. The interior looks like a barn or attic, with exposed beams and posts. Pens with live chickens fill most of the odd corners and halls of the building, leaving only a narrow aisle down to the back, where the Mhandyvvers live. Their rooms are separated from the chicken pens by a workroom with cutting benches and a
central hearth.

Mhandyvver’s is the less impressive of the two local poulterers, but is a favorite with Red Larchers. Kindly old Minthra “Minny” Mhandyvver and her three grown children sell chickens live or roasted and preserved in oil, pickled chicken livers, and eggs both fresh and pickled.


Mhandyvvers's Poultry

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