Lord's Alliance


The Lords’ Alliance is a shaky compact of aggressive
political powers concerned with mutual security and
prosperity. Fighters and sorcerers are prevalent among
alliance agents, and they are often glory hounds seeking
personal recognition. Most agents are lawful or neutral;
in the courtly circles of the lords, those who don’t follow
the rules seldom last long.

Trade along rivers and roads links the cities of the
Lords’ Alliance, so its operatives eliminate threats to
that trade as soon as they appear.

Located at the confluence of the Dessarin and Surbrin
rivers, Yartar is a prosperous center of commerce.
Various groups vie to control its wealth and influence
its trade. The Waterbaron of Yartar, Nestra Ruthiol, is a
member of the Lords’ Alliance, and her decisions affect
the politics of not only her city but the other cities of
the region.


Lord's Alliance

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