Lerissa of Song (DEAD)

Don't let her beautiful voice, quick tongue and good looks fool you, she is trouble.


Normally Lerissa stands 5’4" with a few extra inches with a pair of slightly twirled upwards horns going back. Her skin is normally a slight red tinge to a normal complexion. She has a number of outfits, and is usually seen, when in public in clothing that does not inappropriately expose herself, yet still fits enough to atract some attention. With her use of thaumatergy, she has put herself out as someone who attracts attention for shows, especially for combat. She runs through rings as an entertainer, an announcer, and when she feels like it, a singer, however on the side unknown to most, she is also connected with the Zhentarim. For them, she usually collects information, but ofen she ends up not sharing everything she knows. Her trade is secrets, and every one she gets her hands on, she will hold onto for the right opportunity. She is looking to make a life for herself, and provide for herself, not to be a trophy or a leech.

She now has a large chunk out of the side of her neck, as well as a completely broken foot, which she uses a staff to walk with.


Lerissa of Song (DEAD)

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