Sir Gregor of the Gauntlet (Retired)


Loyal to his god, his party, and his brotherhood in the Order of the Gauntlet, Gregor is former frontline combat medic and war cleric in the service of Tempus, who joined the Order after the troll wars.

After being sent with a search party intending to find a missing caravan belonging to the Order’s allies, the Knights of Samular, the party ran into the elemental cults of the Sword Coast. After several run-ins with the cults, orcs, and more, Gregor returned to Summit Hall as the lone survivor of his original party, surrounded by faces unfamiliar to the order, weaponless and missing a leg.

Since then, the leaders of Summit Hall have tasked Gregor, Brim, Eric, and a revolving door of mages they encounter with rooting out the elemental cults inhabiting the Sumber Hills.

Gregor has spent his life training with heavy armor, polearms, and shields, as well as practicing the divine arts of Tempus, the magic that both preserves life and deals death.

He is far from the most mobile warrior on the battlefield, but he is not afraid to stand along the front lines unyielding, with the heaviest armor he can find and his trusty silvered glaive in hand.

After a failed assault on Rivergard Keep, which saw Gregor and his companions narrowly escape with their lives, the party regrouped and decided to investigate the fire cult next. They managed to save a few of the druids that had been tricked into joining the cult, and advanced up the hill towards the tower.

The party was immediately surprised by fireballs, crossbows, and hell hounds, culminating in the summoning of a fire elemental. Gregor and his friends were completely unprepared, and as Gregor lay dying on the ground, his friends used their last moments to save him. Gregor awoke, unable to save his friends, and ran for his life.

Sliding down the embankment, he rode his shield towards the camp where they left their horses with some of the friendly druids. As one final spell struck him in the back, one druid ran up and whisked Gregor and his horse safely away to Summit Hall.

Upon waking, Gregor mourned his friends, and determined to avoid the death of any more brave souls on his watch, in light of the cults’ vendetta against him personally, Gregor retired from adventuring, assuming a recently-vacated position further up in the organization.

He dissuaded the Order from mounting an attack on the archlich at the Sacred Stone Monastery, and instead spent the next several mentoring the young Paladin Frederick, while preparing the next group of noble adventurers to face the ever-growing threat the cults pose in the Dessarin Valley, as well as the swarms of refugees flocking to Summit Hall as a result of the crisis.

Leaving them with only his experience, advice, and a trinket from his past adventures, Gregor guided Frederick, Mira, Derwin, and Mirwen towards their quest to quite frankly, save the world.

He guided them towards the quest he himself had failed to accomplish. And for that reason, Gregor lamented his own shortcomings.

He had failed his mission.

Sir Gregor of the Gauntlet (Retired)

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