Drouth Fine Poultry

The most respected poultry slaughterhouse this side of Thay.


This largest of the two Red Larch poultry shops is everbustling thanks to thriving local farms and the endless appetite of communities along the Long Road. Two or three wagonloads of skewered capons in casks of oil depart this establishment daily, to be finished over far off hearths.

The one-story building is long, narrow, and nondescript on the outside, but the name of the business is painted above the double entry doors (wide enough for a wagon). Inside, feathers drift in the air. Cages and casks sit at the street end of the building, followed by two brick cooking-hearths, long and bloodstained cutting tables, and a plucking area in the back. The feathers are heaped in open handcarts that are taken away for washing and eventual sale as pillow stuffing.


Drouth Fine Poultry

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