Chansyrl Fine Harness

The best leather working in Dessarin Valley!


The pungent smell of tanned and oiled leather fills this crowded workshop, and the walls display leather saddles, reins, yokes, and harnesses for working beasts of all sizes. Stylish leather jackets, longcoats, caps, boots, leggings, bracers, belts, baldrics, and full leather armor are also in stock in all sizes.

Owned by its founder’s granddaughter, who oversees a skilled staff of three full-timers and two part-timers, Chansyrl’s is considered the best Red Larch harnessmaker by caravan merchants. For some, it’s the reason they come to Red Larch. Chansyrl’s is a steady supplier for many a settlement up and down the Long Road.


Chansyrl Fine Harness

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